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In our practice you will be extensively examined and treated according to the latest state of the art.


On the basis of an extensive conversation we carry out heart examinations with high-quality technology.


Regular check-ups allow us to intervene early in disease processes and develop solutions.


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Examinations & precaution

form the basis of every diagnosis and treatment of your specific complaints

Treatment spectrum

We offer you individual therapy for your heart disease, such as High blood pressure or heart failure.


With this examination method, the electrical activity of the heart can be measured.

blood pressure

This will check how your blood pressure behaves under everyday conditions.

of the heart

Echocardiography (Echo for short) is an ultrasound examination of the heart.

defibrillators and
event recorders

We offer the implantation and control of these devices.

Electric cardioversion

In atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter this is used to restore the normal heartbeat.

Wound treatment

After an operation at the heart we control and care for your wound on an outpatient basis in our practice.

Ankle Brachial index

The calculated ankle-brachial quotient gives clear indications of diseases such as Heart attacks.

Carotid Doppler Ultrasound

The painless ultrasound examination makes it possible to detect arteriosclerosis at an early stage.


In our practice, we offer comprehensive cardio check-ups for individuals and companies.

Dr. med. M. A.-Mohsen

Médecin spécialiste en cardiologie

Herzspezialist Luxemburg

Dr. med. Mohsen, cardiologist in Luxembourg, is your point of contact if you need a cardiac exam in Luxembourg. In his practice for cardiology, Dr. Mohsen offers a wide range of treatment options and a variety of benefits for his patients. In addition to the short waiting times, short-term appointments and individual support, the practice offers modern equipment and high-quality diagnostic options.

As a cardiologist in Luxembourg, Dr. med. Mohsen surveys the totality of treatment options and can offer his patients the optimal and individually best treatment.

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